The Cake Pays

Helping you spend more time baking your business.

Build quotes with us for free!

If you're a baker stuggling with pricing... The Cake Pays is for you.

If you're comfortable with your pricing, then The Cake Pays might not be for you, yet... but maybe it will be when we add more tiers to our bake.

As a baker, you want to spend more time baking and less time calculating your costs, your time and dealing with stock. The Cake Pays aims to help you spend more time baking your business, more time with customer satisfaction and less time figuring out your pricing.

We'd love to hear your feedback. We want to build this platform with your help, so we'd love you to use it - completely free! When we introduce pricing, you'll get our lowest rates forever.

Why choose us?

Have you ever been on the phone with a customer and they want a quote there and then, but you need to figure it out and back to them at a later time? Maybe they've already looked elsewhere. Never again! Simply build your quote on the fly, based on what your client has discussed and get instant feedback on what to charge based on your own settings.


Build your quotes while on the phone with your customers.


Customise your quotes for your desired mark up, labour rates and more.


Never worry about costs again.

We're a small team. Just 1 baker and 1 developer. We love cake.

We want to spend more time baking (and eating) our best cakes and less time dealing with what to charge. We think we can help you do that too.





Are you a baker?

Let us know what problems you're facing and help us to build our platform to your needs.